The tropical island paradise of Koh Samui is one of the finest and most original destinations in Asia. It boasts world class cuisine, hotels, spas, shopping malls, villas, real estate, golf and watersports. A taste of true Thailand can still be found nestling on its sandy shores and beautiful beaches

In addition, individuals from all around the world have found their dream home in this amazing environment. As a consequence of the island's reputation as one of the most amazing, peaceful and safest places on earth, an increasing number of individuals choose to buy or invest in property or related businesses.

SAMUI ISLANDS STYLE & REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE is the sole local full color publication of its kind. It is published each three months and informs about Samui in general and Real Estate in particular. The magazine is distributed at Samui Airport and a many hotels and resorts. The companies and individuals which are recommending their products, talents and services are leaders in the field and guarantee for quality and professional attitude. Welcome to Samui!